Adonis Definitions and Terminology





Acceptance Date

The date when equipment, software and other deliverables are formally accepted in writing by the Customer, or

the acceptance period expires or the date when Customer takes the Software into commercial use.


A software bug is an error, flaw, failure or fault in a computer program or system that causes it to produce an incorrect or unexpected result, or to behave in unintended ways.

Core Period​​​​

​Adonis standard office hours Monday - Fridays (working days) 08:00 hrs to 15:30 hrs CET.


The Role who is responsible to analyze and dispatch all incoming tickets to which will by default arrive on Service Board in ConnectWise


All bugs are Errors.

It is also an error when a software functions which earlies have been working, is not functioning anymore.

There is an error when there is clear incompliance between the specifications and documentation of the Software and the way the software is working.

See below: System Faults

Help Desk​


The 1st line Support Board. The Help Desk is exclusively working with Support tasks.

Installation Date

The date upon which the Supplier has notified the Customer that it has finalized the installation. If the Supplier does not carry out the installation, the Installation date shall be three days after the date when the deliverables are made available by the Supplier to the customer.

Priority (on ticket)

A field showing our internal priority on the ticket. Not communicated to the customer.

Impact/Urgency (on ticket)

A field indicating how the customer judges the ticket will affect their business process.  One of 4 Severity Levels can be selected.

We may, based upon our own judgement and after communicating with the customer, escalate or deescalate the severity level.

Professional Services


​All the various types of services we carry out for payment towards our customers. Professional Services may be billed according to a fixed compensation according to a running agreement, e.g. replication surveillance. Or it will be carried out on an ad hoc service, based upon a "time and materials" principle or a quoted/agreed number of hours.

Examples of ad hoc Professional Services are creation of reports (handled in separate Board), creation of views, creation of scripts for various purposes, maintenance and improvement of configuration and set up, consultancy for control and reconciliation etc.).



A resolution of a system/software error is the permanent solution of the fault, bringing the affected business process back to work the way it did before the error occurred.  The resolution will be depending on the nature of the fault/error and may be found in several ways:

  • By running a script which can correct erroneous data in the database causing the fault.

  • By applying a patch of the software which will bring the applications to work as normal again.

  • By change to a hardware or software component in the solution environment.

Resolution Time


​The time elapsed from the Response was sent to a Customer until a solution have been provided.



​A Response to a Service Request is the initial reply to a Customer, sent by e-mail from Adonis where it is confirmed that the issue in the ticket have been given an initial analyze and a classification and priority have been set. The Response will in addition also have a plan for resolution or at least indicate what will be the next step in our work process on the issue.

​​Response Time


​The time elapsed from an initial e-mail was received in the ticketing system until the Response was sent.

​​Road Map


​A list of features we expect to develop in a foreseeable future. The roadmap may or may not be linked to a release plan.

Service Desk​


A virtual concept used towards customers, to take care of any User Request.  Anyone in Adonis who on a regular basis or from time are managing customer communication/user requests are a member of the Service Desk.

The Service Desk Board will be the default board for incoming tickets.

Service Desk Board

This is the main Board in ConnectWise for incoming tickets, where all incoming tickets to and ???? will by default be connected. The board name will be replaced with Dispatch Board, a name that internally will indicate that all tickets should be moved to one of the processing boards, not remain in the Dispatch Board.

Service Level


​The Service Level indicate standard time for Response, Workaround and Resolution within the 4 severity levels.

Adonis offers 4 Service Levels: Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze.



​Service Level Agreement, a contract with the Customer, detailing everything around the Service Level, including compensation. Some customers do not have a specific SLA but may have a certain SLA included in their Annual Maintenance Fee contract.

The service levels Platinum, Gold and Silver are normally compensated through a separate SLA, while Bronze is given to customers who are not paying anything extra.

SLA Matrix


​A table outlining the response times for the different severity levels within the various Service Levels.

Severity Level


​A severity level is set by Adonis on the issue after an initial analyze have been done.

Adonis use 4 severity levels: Urgent, High, Low, None.

Service Request


​A request raised by a Customer by e-mail or telephone for any issue where support or professional services are required.

Service Ticket​


​Same as Service Request. The standard term used in Adonis’ computer system where service requests are collected and processed.

System Faults / Bugs


​See Errors above.  A System Fault is an error which appears in the use of the system, causing a procedure not to work as before or as documented by the Supplier in the system documentation. A System Fault may be caused by a defect software or hardware component in the platform, by erroneous data or a damaged database or by a bug/malfunction in the Software provided by the Supplier. Depending on how serious impact the fault will have on a Customers business procedure, the system faults are prioritized as listed in the section Severity Levels Description.

A system fault may turn into a Professional Service and become billable.



​Software Support is a free service we give our customers in several areas:

  • Ordinary assistance in normal use of the software.

  • Analyze and assistance to resolve error situations and system faults. *

  • Analyze and document change requests from the customer.

* Support Work is normally not billable, but when the support service is given outside the core period of the customer SLA it may be billed.

A ticket may be starting out as support and turn into a Professional Service and become billable.

Support 24/7


​A service that allows a customer access to report an urgency any time outside the Adonis Core Period. Response will be given according to the Service Level Agreement chosen by the Customer.                    

Ticket Owner

The resource who has responsibility for the ticket, communicate with the customer, escalate and follow the ticket until closure. Ticket owners of Support tickets can only be the members of the Support Boards on level 1 and 2.



​A sudden stop in a business process that can have critical consequences for a customer. See servicer level descriptions for more information. The Customer must communicate that there is an urgency by using the word URGENT in a telephone conference or as the first word in the subject of an e-mail, detailing the situation.



​A workaround is a way for the Customer to be able to complete a business process despite a fault/issue which have been reported.  The workaround may allow for a more cumbersome procedure and significant more manual work for the process to be completed and will not be considered as a permanent resolution of the problem.

Workaround Time


​The time elapsed from the Response was sent to a Customer until a Workaround description has been sent to a Customer.